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If you have any inventions with the potential to become an innovation that can be transferred to the socioproductive sector in a way that has an impact over society, PROINNOVA receives the invention statement (download the form), evaluates it and if accepted, the project is considered as an opportunity to innovate which triggers the innovation management process made up by EPMT stages.


Determine the viability of a project to start a transfer management process as a PROINNOVA case.

PROINNOVA will work with you to evaluate the innovative potential of your invention through:

  • Competitive intelligence studies
  • Preliminary market studies
  • Definition of the preliminary business model
  • Creation of preliminary scenarios for intellectual property

Additionally, PROINNOVA will verify the participation level of people involved in the project and the relationship with other external instances. If necessary, will provide support for drafting the respective legal documents.


Safeguard the protection of intellectual property in case of having the necessary tools to make that transfer.

The creation of a product, service or process requires hard work and a large economic investments, which is why protecting these creations is important to ensure nobody is able to falsely claim himself/herself as their creator. For cases involving the transfer of UCR technology, PROINNOVA will help you define the intellectual property protection scenarios that are most suitable according to the nature of your project and the business model you have chosen in order to create the intellectual property registration request at the national and international levels. We have the necessary staff to advise you regarding protection through:

  • Copyrights  
  • Invention patents
  • Industrial designs
  • Utility models
  • Trademarks and distinctive signs:  
    • Protection of vegetable breeds
    • Industrial secrets or undisclosed information



Conduct the necessary market research in order to have the necessary tools for an effective transfer

During this stage we create:

  • Cost studies
  • Business model scenarios
  • Market studies
  • Marketing and publicity materials
  • Creation of prototypes or a scaling process through:
    • Management of alliances with companies or organizations in order to obtain resources for creating the prototype.
    • Search of raw material or resource providers in order to create the prototype.


Transfer the innovation case and follow it up.

If your interest is to license your intellectual property to an existing company or organization, PROINNOVA will assist you in finding this organization, during negotiations and drafting the transfer agreement, as well as following up on the compliance of its conditions.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to become an entrepreneur by founding a new company or organization that uses the knowledge protected as intellectual property. For this purpose, you can engage the services of an incubator such as the University Agency for Entrepreneurship Management (AUGE) of the University of Costa Rica.

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