From October 22 to November 27.

Proinnova UCR will teach a course of intellectual property protection with the aim of training students and officials who require these skills as part of their duties.

The course looks to explore relevant aspects of intellectual property and each of the areas involved, as well as legislation, international and national regulations, international organizations involved and some examples of each of its forms.

Taught in virtual mode, the training will last 4 weeks with a total of 62 hours of individualized study and will have two tutors with experience in the subject.

The course will be divided into five thematic modules: “Introduction to Intellectual Property”, “Copyright and related rights”, “Distinctive signs: trademarks, geographical indications and appellations of origin”, “Forms of industrial protection: patents, drawings, industrial models and utility models “, and” Review of other forms of protection: integrated circuits, plant varieties and undisclosed information”.

Those who complete the five modules with a minimum grade of 70% approval, complete all activities and submit the final project will receive a certificate recognized by the Civil Service, which will be delivered within ten working days, once completed the evaluation.

The course will be developed through the Shift® tool, which allows the participants a more enjoyable and friendly interaction to acquire knowledge. In addition, access to the course can be done in a simple way through “Mediación Virtual” platform of the UCR.

Cynthia Céspedes, manager of innovation at Proinnova, considers that the fact of having to present a final project to receive the certification allows an integrity in the knowledge acquired when developing an intellectual property strategy.

On the other hand, it emphasizes the importance of intellectual property, which allows the creator of artistic and scientific works to be recognized, to distinguish any organization, to highlight the quality of products and services with the protection of the brand, to safeguard novel knowledge generated in areas such as health , engineering, arts, letters and social sciences through the granting of different forms of intellectual property protection and allowing to strengthen the management of innovation.

“An important audience that we have reached are entrepreneurs. It is important for us to visualize the importance of intellectual property as a tool for their future projects” said Céspedes.

The course is open to all types of public, from professionals and students from different areas, to innovation managers and project managers.

The training has a maximum capacity of 20 people, you must register by an email through the virtual mediation platform and fill out the online form, or call 2511-1359.

Valeria López Sedó

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