The book seeks to rescue the stories of the Costa Rican imaginary in a modern and non-infantilized way.

“La Segua”, “El Padre sin Cabeza” and “La Llorona” are some of the legends that have been part of the Costa Rican imagination and have been transmitted for several generations, but their formats are no longer designed for the newest.

This is why three students of the UCR were given the task of recounting them graphically in the book Scares of Costa Rica. They do it in an attractive way, with a more modern language; so that the tradition of this literary genre is preserved with an artistic proposal designed for the new generations.

As part of his thesis for the degree in Graphic Design, Cristian Brenes, Daniela Ramos and Mariano Chinchilla worked throughout 2011 to revive seven of the best-known Costa Rican legends: “El Cadejos”, “La Tulevieja”, “La Segua”, “El Dueño del Monte”, “La Carreta sin Bueyes”, “El Padre sin Cabeza” and “La Llorona”.

Once he had the idea, he contacted Mariano Chinchilla to make an interactive disc of legends. However, when trying to register it as a degree project, they were told that they needed a third person and added more work to the project. This is how they came with Daniela and the idea of ​​doing, in addition, a book.

At the end, the book was the protagonist of the thesis that they developed for a year and was presented in 2012.

According to Brenes, the book is a conglomerate of folklore and a way to restore the value of the legends that I heard as a child.

“When I listened to those stories and wanted to find something that reflected them, it did not exist, or maybe only in a very caricatured way, that took away the merit and the objective of the legend, which is to frighten with sense, as with a moral”, assured Brenes.

It was then that they decided to recount the stories with a more modern language; retake the tradition of hand painting but with less caricatural illustrations. So they began to work: Mariano in the texts, Cristian in the graphic and Daniela in the layout.

“When I wrote, I wrote them as if a current senior told their grandchildren, I did not write with “ñor” and all these words that many legends bring and many people do not understand them. I wrote them easier, as one normally speaks,” explained Mariano.

“It is to safeguard the intangible oral heritage, the stories of the grandparents, who have a very great life value because they teach us things. It is a culture that has gone from mouth to mouth and that had not had a graphic support to reflect it; and as the new generations are more visual, we needed to fill that space,” concluded Brenes.

The book will be released on August 24th at 4p.m. in the “Casa del Cuño” in the framework of the Book Fair 2018 with a discussion with the authors of the book. The event will be open to the public and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Valeria López Sedó

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