Registrations will be open until August 10 to attend the third National Innovation Congress to be held at the end of that month.

The national innovation will have its showcase at the 3rd National Congress of Innovation, an event full of presentations and spaces for dialogue of ways to “get out of the mold” and propose solutions to common problems.

The activity will be held on August 28 and 29 in the Franklin Chang Auditorium, CONARE. This place will receive representatives of the government, the academy, big and small businessmen and, of course, visitors in general.

The main idea of the event is to show success stories in the main fields of national action such as health, agrifood sciences, intelligent society and energy; all always characterized by their “triple impact”, in economic, social and environmental resources.

For Marianela Cortés, director of Proinnova and one of the organizers of the event, the goal is simple: to encourage interaction among socio-economic actors within “a country-oriented sustainability scheme”.

“The attendees can interact with the national ecosystem and it will be an excellent space for networking, to learn about experiences from other countries,” she said.

“It will serve to explore open innovation that seeks to promote collaboration and co-creation, as well as enhance the positive impact of innovation,” he said.

About the specific event, took the opportunity to advance that the opening day will be marked by “the presence of government authorities that lead innovation and entrepreneurship issues”, while for the second day will be “activities of presentation of success stories and panels.”

“We are going to have two international speakers. First Carlos Jaramillo, from the company Distilled Innovation in Colombia, who has developed innovation projects with multiple actors and will speak about ‘Open innovation’. The second will be Mr. Gotzon Bernaola, Director of Public Innovation at Innobasque Innovation Agency, who will share with the attendees his vast experience on the subject of Social Innovation.”, explained.

According to Cortés, the idea will be to talk in four thematic sessions on both days, with the presence of “national experts in the different areas talking in panels about the challenges, possibilities and opportunities for improvement to define routes to follow and promote the development of Costa Rica”.

The event is developed by the Nexo initiative, which brings together entities responsible for managing the innovation processes of national public universities, together with Conare and strategic partners, such as the  Science, Technology and Telecommunications Ministry (Micitt).

To participate

In total, the event will have a maximum capacity of 300 people, who must make a registration between July 9 and August 10 through the site

About the process, Andrea Montero, part of the organizing group, commented that “people must create a user with their email to register” and, later, they will only have to “make the payment through the online payment system of UCR Foundation, or make a bank transfer “to the accounts indicated”.

“We handle a maximum space quota so if, before August 10 that quota is full, you can not register,” said Montero.

The amount to make the registration is ¢ 45,000; however, there are discounts for active university students.

About the people who can register, the field is open. “Anyone who is interested in learning more about innovation can participate in the Congress; There is no previous filter. We only have a limited number of people, so the faster you register, the better you can guarantee space in the Congress, “said Montero.

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