Carlos Picado, Industrial Design Engineer at the UCR, and Fabricio Rivera, Publisher Designer, are two entrepreneurs who started a business project called Imactus, thanks to a close link with research projects and other academic activities at the university.

After meeting in 2013 Omar Lizano, renowned Oceanographer of the Research Center in Marine Sciencies and Limnology (CIMAR), of the UCR, and his idea of creating an application that would show the forecasts of waves, wind and other oceanographic data, these professionals saw an opportunity to start with the venture.

In 2017 version 2.1 of an important application was developed, in which forecasts were automated, going from 2 to 28 forecasts and incorporated the “Cruz Roja” into the projetc, which validates the information according relevance in the way of showing them.

“His focus on the objectives we have set, that has been the key ingredient to establish a professional relationship of great confidence in the long term, which guarantees the country impact of the actions performed by the MIO, whose products benefit the user of the sea in general, but also supports institutions such as the CNE, the National Meteorological Institute, Coast Guard, etc. “, said Lizano in relation to the link with Imactus.

Carlos Pïcado, partner of the company Imactus, highlight that it was in this experience of interacting with the MIO and the idea of Omar Lizano that he values the importance of scientific information of public universities and the need to promote its transmission to many other people.

So, in 2015, together with Fabricio Rivera, he founded Imactus, with the aim of linking with more research projects and generating more software tools that promote the transmission of scientific knowledge from public universities.

Currently, this entrepreneurship born in the link and experience with the UCR, brings together professionals from different knowledge areas and, also, they are a SME certified by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC).

New bonding projects

Carlos Picado, from Imactus, explained that as a result of the sucessful link with the MIO Cimar, they have been extending their job with other units within the UCR, with the objective of identifying potencial projects.

First, they developed a complete redesign of the RSN website. After a sucessful process they started another project called “¿Lo sentiste?”, considered by Picado as the biggest, complex and ambitious project. It was developed for 8 months and will be launched next May 22th.

The application “¿Lo sentiste?” is one of the objectives fulfilled of the project “Difusión de temas sismológicos de Costa Rica (ED-3005), registered in the VAS. Their products may be used by the emergency entities of the country, as well as by the media, when reporting seismic activity.

Linkimer added this experience could be useful for other units to take advantage of the experience of this company and take out applications that meet the needs of different units in the University.

Picado explained, the importance of the link between Imactus and the UCR is that the university units are specialized in their scientific research and do not have the capacity to generate an interdisciplinary team that works on the conceptualization, design and development of digital tools, so Imactus facilitates this process by making specific interventions in the areas of need.


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