The National Registry will celebrate an open fair on abril 26th and 27th at their headquarters in Zapote.

World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated on April 26th for the eighteenth time since it was established by the Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual (World Intellectual Property Organization, OMPI).

The Intellectual Property is celebrated on this day because it commemorates the sign and entry into force of the  1967 OMPI Convetion.

This year celebration’s “celebrates the talent, ingenuity, curiosity and courage of the women who drive change in our world and shape our common future”, under the motto “Artificers of change: women in innovation and creativity”, explained the OMPI.

In our country, the National Registry will develop a celebration fair open to the public on April 26th and 27th at their headquarters, in the lobby of the main building of the Registry from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

“It will have the participation of projects, companies and products made by women. The objective is to make visible the work, effort and the contributions that women have made in the innovation and creative field”, explained Emilia Navarro Segura, of the Institutional Projection Department of the National Registry.

Innovative women

Navarro explained that this year celebration’s is dedicated to women because “the contributions of countless women from all over the world, which are significant and encouraging, not only demostrates the magnitude of the impact they have throughout the world, but also highlights the contributions they make for the development and well-being of their societies. They are the architects of change.”

Women stand out for the innovation they bring to different areas: film, animation, music, design, fashion, dance, architecture, sculpture, literature, research and medicine, among others; “women are reinterpreting culture and testing the limits of artistic and creative expression”, said Navarro.

Its purpose is to give visibility to women who are driving innovations from their creative environment, to promote women’s entrepreneurship as a key mechanism for positive change in society.

In addition, the especific objective is to publicize the contribution of intellectual property to women and encourage them to be part of the change that is protected by intellectual property.

For Navarro, the main challenge in our country in terms of intellectual property “is to promote the education, respect and protection of the intellectual property, in all areas”.

Jafeth Mora Rojas

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