Red de Mujeres Rurales (Rural Women’s Network) of los Chiles, Alajuela, is looking for commercial establishments that want to be selling points for their new salty and sweet cookies of rice and beans Pintochips and Pinticas, respectively.

Red de Mujeres Rurales is an association created in august 2006, that gather more than 600 peasant women of different regions of the country. Currently, this organization has 2 bakeries in Los Chiles, but they want and need to expand their selling points.

“We’re looking selling points and dealers with a organic focus, accesible prices, ecofriendly spaces, inclusives to the whole community, that support groups as Red de Mujeres” said Cynthia Céspedes, manager of innovation of Proinnova.

According to Céspedes, this cookies provide important nutritional benefits as they are source of fiber and protein, have low fat content and contain antioxidants.

“This project allows impacting rural communities and, above all, women’s vulnerable groups  and their families, who have also suffered some violence, poverty and gender discrimination. With this type of transfers the benefits for these women and their families are enhanced”said Céspedes.


Céspedes explained that the creation of cookies based on rice and beans was first framed in a project called “Rural women, production, processing and commercialization of basic grains.”
This project began in 2013 with the participation of other public universities, as well as the Rural Women’s Network.

After this project, a team formed by the Centro Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología en Alimentos de la Universidad de Costa Rica (National Center of Science and Technology in Food of the University of Costa Rica), Proinnova of the UCR and Universidad Nacional (Nacional University), with the collaboration of the researchers Ana Ruth Bonilla and Alejandra Bonilla, was given the task of transferring the technology.

“The UCR facilitated the technology free of charge along with the already registered brands Pinticas, cookies biscuits, and Pintochips, salty chips, to the Rural Women’s Network to exploit these brands and technology,” said Céspedes.

Jafeth Mora Rojas

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