Registration will be from April 9th to April 27th.

A new edition of the most important innovation competition in the country will be carry out on May 23rd and 24th in Conare, located in CENAT, Pavas.

A total of 120 students from the country’s public universities will faced challenges posed by Costa Rican and foreign companies, which expect creative and innovative solutions.

In this edition, students will enrolled in teams of 6 members, that must be made up of students of 3 different careers and of 3 different public universities. The competition is free and has limited quota. People who wants to participate must be active students in their respective university and must have the capacity to work as a team.

Registration will be on line, through a form that will be share in social media of the 5 public universities of the country, as well as in the comunication sites of Proinnova and the counterpart en the other universities.

“Les 24h de l´innovation” is an international competition with more than 1.000 participants from all the continents organized by L´École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) of Canada and this year celebrates the eleventh edition. The UCR hosted this competition for the first time in 2015.

This competition looks to encourage the innovation culture in our country, in order to be recognized as an axis for the development of the countries in the knowledge society, fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Génesis Durán Zuñiga, of Proinnova-UCR, explained the competition is starting at 8:00a.m. (local time), the teams will discover the challenges proposed by the participating companies and organizations at the web site of L´École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), located in Montreal.

Then, teams have less than 24 hours to answer the “creative challenges” or problems proposed by the differents companies and institutions. Each team must submit ther solution in a 2 minutes video uploaded to YouTube.

Finally, based on the videos, local juries will determine a winner, that will be announced at 8:00a.m. The winner project will be sent to Motreal after this period of 24 hours and the international jury must select an international winner team.

Interuniversity organization 

The competition not just gather 120 students of the public universities, but also generates an inter-university organized space.

In this activity, all the public universities of the country participate in organization and promotion, along with different incubator business and programs that promote technological innovation projects.

Marianela Cortés Muñoz, General Coordinator of the event, highlighted that the five public universities contribute funds to carry out the event and, in addition, a sponsorship management is being done to have collaboration, so that eventual sponsors can pose challenges that would be addressed by the students in the competition.

Organizations interested in sponsoring this competition can contact Yorleny Campos, responsible for sponsorships, at or telephone 2511-5835.


“The competition was the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur. I discovered that I don’t need a degree to start undertaking; it is largely trusting in my abilities and the capabilities of my colleagues. Since the competition, I began working on projects with other incredible entrepreneurs. It has not been easy and there is still a long way to go; is to dedicate time outside of classes and tasks to carry out the projects, but it is an emotion and satisfaction that would not change”, said Mariela Vargas Rojas, student of Engineering in Industrial Design of the TEC, part of the winning team of the previous year competition, which, in addition, won internationally in the North American Region.

“24 hours of innovation” allowed me to learn soft skills, such as teamwork, patience, learning to measure times, effort, dedication, pride and the value of mental development in the pursuit of goals. In addition, it allowed me to grow professionally and educationally, “said Jason Steven Rodríguez, student in Electronic Engineering at the UTN and part of the winning team from the previous edition.

Both agreed that this experience is a 24-hour story that they will always carry in their lives. How not to take the opportunity to participate?

Jafeth Mora Rojas

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