Raquel Goldstein, pediatric dentist, and Manfred Lutz, physician, thought about developing a unique product in the market to satisfy a population group, children from 0 to 6 years old, who did not have personalized options of oral hygiene items.

However, these two entrepreneurs required the help of researchers to materialize this innovative idea in a product, so they focused on research and development. They approached the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCR in search of help. The researchers Olman Hidalgo and Ronny Vargas of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Inifar) received these entrepreneurs and their idea. Immediately, they started working on the development of the project.

“The project formally entered Proinnova in 2012, the year in which a cooperation agreement was signed with the possibility of licensing entrepreneurs. This was a key point in the project, since from the beginning the scope, responsibilities and obligations of each part were clear. In addition, in that same year the researchers registered a project in the Vicerectory of Investigation with a validity of three years “, explained Manuel Flores, Innovation Manager in charge of this project.

Ronny Vargas and Olman Hidalgo proposed this research project not only to generate a sale of services, but also to complement the entire formulation and development process of the gel framed in an investigation.

In order to finalize the cooperation agreement between the University and the entrepreneurs, Raquel Goldstein and Manfred Lutz founded Lutzstein Innovations S.A., a company to which the finished product was licensed, called Gel Bucodental Ikä.

In this way, the gel research project was formulated, which, in its execution process, lasted about two years (2012-2014). This research did not have any cost for the entrepreneurs.

Parallel to this whole process, Proinnova supported the entrepreneurs throughout the process of product licensing. In September 2016, with all the permissions from the Ministry of Health, the product began to be produced on a large scale and sold in pharmacies and dental offices, a task that was coordinated with Zepol Laboratories.

“The management time in Proinnova lasted four years. However, it must be taken into account that Proinnova’s management does not end with the license contract, since it is of interest to follow up on the project and evaluate the impact of the transfer,” said Flores.

Ronny Vargas said that “it is important that companies and the community itself value the importance of the University beyond the training of professionals. Especially, let them know that all the infrastructure is at their service and that, as university students, we are in the capacity and willingness to support the community and the entrepreneurs “.

“From the perspective of Proinnova, materializing the transfer of knowledge and technology is the culmination of the entire management of a innovation project. Therefore, if the product or service is used by any organization means that the research, transcend and impact society through the generation of new direct and indirect jobs, the payment of taxes and the benefit obtained from the new product or service “, highlighted Manuel Flores, Innovation Manager.

Jafeth Mora Rojas

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